How to Make a Unique Username

You need a user name for wikiHow or another online sign up website, but what to use? Here are some helpful tips to get you on your way to user name stardom!


  1. Name Generators are your friends! Name generators such as the one at can be very useful!
  2. Some things to consider using:
    • Your first name
    • Your first name in leet
    • The name of your favorite tv show or video game (this only works if the name is 1 or 2 words, such as Halo or Heroes)
    • Your favorite animal
    • Your favorite flower
    • Your initials, or your first name then your middle and last initials
    • Your favorite sport
    • You favorite celebrity then add “fan” at the end
    • Your career title (like Doc if you’re a doctor)
    • What people call you (like if they call you a geek or emo)
    • Your nickname
    • Something that rhymes or alliterates with your first name
    • Random words you likes
    • If the site you use allows it, unicode characters such as ♠, ♣, ♥, ♦, ♪, or ♫. These can be found in Start Menu>All Programs>Accessories>System Tools.
    • Keyboard symbols like _, ., !, $, and ~
    • Faux Cyrillic or Heavy Metal Umlaught
    • A number
  3. Things not to use:
    • Your full or last name (this can be incredibly dangerous)
    • Obscene words
    • Your house number (also dangerous)
    • Your city of residence (you guessed right, it’s dangerous)
    • Do not make an excessively long username
  4. Word Play Maybe your obsessed with meat! A good username might be Need4Meat or WantCowNow. Play around with your likes and dislikes to get a funny username!
  5. Make sure it reflects you! If it sounds cool, fine. If it sounds cool and reflects who you are, Awesome!

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