How to Add Customized Searches to Google Deskbar

Google Deskbar is one of many great google programs that allows you to search the internet from your desktop. Customized search is one of the great features. You can search through other searchbars on web pages.


  1. If not already done, download the Google Deskbar.
  2. Click the small down arrow next to the search bar.
  3. Click options on the top of the drop down menu.
  4. Click the “Customized Searches” tab.
  5. Click “Add…”
  6. Open the page with the search bar you would like to add, leaving open the “Custom Search Description” window. EX.
  7. Type a word (any word) into the search bar and click search.
  8. Copy the address in the address bar.
  9. 9

    Paste into the “URL” section of the “Custom Search Description” window.

  10. Read through the URL until you get to where it has the search term you typed earlier.
  11. Replace the term with {1} . Must be typed exactly. EX.{1}&fulltext=Search
  12. Name the Customized Search. EX. wikiHow
  13. Give it a shortcut letter or symbol. EX. W (Optional)
  14. Click “OK”
  15. Click “OK” again unless your going to make more changes or add more Customized Searches.
  16. From then on, when (this is with the wikiHow example) one wants to search wikiHow for (example) artichokes, all one would have to do is type ‘artichoke’ into the Google Deskbar and click Control(Ctrl)+W.


  • A shortcut can be used, but is not necessary. If you don’t think you would use the Shortcut, don’t bother putting a letter in the space. Without a Shortcut, you will have to click the down arrow and then click (example) wikiHow after typing your search term.
  • Some websites use a URL search term that cannot be used in the Google Deskbar. This is because when searching with these, they don’t put the term being searched into the URL.

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